Pat Gunn (dachte) wrote,
Pat Gunn

A Social Type of Magic

For the last few weeks, whenever I've gone to Giant Eagle, I've felt that what I wanted simply wasn't there. I was wondering if there was some undiscovered food group I was hungry for, or if it was just a bad interpretation on abstract hunger. Tonight, I finally figured it out. I want indian food, and Giant Eagle doesn't have it. This should not surprise me -- I eat indian-style food for most of the week, from Srees to India Garden, and so when I think about food, I usually think about samosa, chickpeas, and similar. Of course, Ethiopean food counts too -- the essential thing is that it has a lot of flavour, and outside of those cuisines, not much food seems to do that well (and pleasantly). Cajun food can, but I haven't seen any Cajun places in Pittsburgh.

My legs are still pleasantly happy from jumping up and down at the TMBG concert. It's one of those good kinds of bruisedness.

Today I went with L to get a new plant for my apartment, moving Herb to a bigger pot and placing a new smaller (not-yet-named) plant into Herb's old pot.

My sinuses are very unhappy.

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