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Last night, I discovered that I (accidentally, due to some oddities in how I set up my new router/wireless bridge, and probably my old router/wireless bridge before then) was accidentally rate-limiting my DSL to 256k symmetric, while my subscription is for 1.5/384. I don't do much that uses significant bandwidth, but for the times when I do, this should make a big difference. For a one-off task I was doing, it already has made a huge difference, and that's cool.

I probably will be visiting Brecksville for part of the upcoming weekend.

As much as I love having cats, I am very unhappy at how destructive they are. Now that they have become confident at jumping up on top of the shelf above my fireplace, they take great delight at knocking things off of it, including some paintings and other things I really care about. I shout at them, and they run away -- it's just a game to them. They continue to slowly destroy my couches with their clawing, and apparently they were sometimes peeing, just for the heck of it, on the carpet in my old place that should not have needed to have been replaced. It's always love-hate with cats. I semi-secretly hope they get old more quickly so they'll slow down in some of their irritating ways.

I came across this question on Ask Yahoo, a site that I visit every so often, and it initially bothered me that their phrasing suggests that female leaders is a relatively recent phonomena. It occasionally happened under monarchy as well, such as with Elizabeth I of England. While pure and semi-salic progression rules were not particularly fair to women, it's interesting that as of yet the United States, as a flavour of democracy, has still never had a female president. We might chalk this up to a number of things.

Yet another High School reunion thing comes up, and I still have absolutely zero interest in going. That was a different life that I don't remember much of before I was recognisably me, seeming only somewhat different than if there were a reunion for the kids who grew up in the neighbourhood of Dallas when I was younger yet. The fact that people are apparently into charging money and tying it all into a some kind of hotel-sporting event-bar thing in downtown Cleveland pretty much clinches it. If I were utterly bored, and happened not to be tired whenever it came up, and if it were a free, low-key event in the metroparks of Brecksville, perhaps as a picnic, I might go if I felt like it. As is, I'm not interested, and if there are more people who think about it the way I do, the whole thing is overengineered to the hilt. But .. eh, I suppose I'm not surprised, really. Brecksville is a lot like CMU in some ways (albeit less geeky or intellectual in the broader sense, sadly). I've seen at least a few people here (such as E) who would've fit in there -- a strange mix of naive optimism, trust, and privilege mixed with a carefully crippled notion of justice that would stop people from actually seeing the real problems in society, or fixing them (because one must do things by committees, by the book, etc). Meh. Rant off. That was me, once upon a time anyhow.

I am tempted to make a visit to Columbus for the second part of this weekend. I am inclined not to (because that's a lot of driving, and unless I left Brecksville saturday afternoon, I'd miss Outland), but I am still mulling it over. If I were to do so, I would probably try to take Friday off, and leave Thursday evening. The advantage of this is that I would save a bit on driving time (versus two separate trips) -- PGH-CLV-PGH is 4 hours, PGH-COL-PGH is 6 hours, and PGH-CLV-COL-PGH is 7 hours, so 7 versus 10 hours in the car is preferable (also costs less in gas). Hmm. I don't know if I want to be out of town that much at a time though right now.

Ordering of my apartment is going fairly well. I need to visit IKEA to replace some broken furniture though.. I'll probably do that soon. If anyone else wants to join me for that trip, that'd be great.


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