Pat Gunn (dachte) wrote,
Pat Gunn

Flight Lost in Clouds

You know my Trajectory
It brings me nowhere near you
It brings me by some places I should stop, if I were you
It brings me by some places I should be caught, if I were you
It is so very strange
I realised today that transforming a place from one's nominal home into "feels like home" is a lot of effort, and some of my chores (that you get to hear about!) involve that. I took two steps towards restoring my suit to full function, first picking up my (repaired) tie and then dropping off my suit jacket to be repaired (damn cats). I then went to IKEA to get a (rough) replacement for some furniture that broke (before my move), got dinner (some of these steps were part of hanging out with Eric, which was good). I then swung by CMU to pick up a free desk I claimed earlier today (I am still amazed that I fit it into my car, and also partly amazed at how long it took me to find a way to get it through the doors). After I got back from everything, I spent a good deal more time rearranging things. The kitchen is now more or less the way it should be, and the living room no longer has random stuff on the floor (except near the to-be-computer desk, where there's computer stuff in bags on the floor). My bedroom desk is partly clear, and the garbage can is now mostly full of more stuff I managed to throw away. It doesn't feel quite like home yet, but it's getting closer every day.

I'm rewatching the Dr Who movie (which I only consider partly canon), and am reminded both how good an actor Sylvestor McCoy is and of how poorly written the movie script was. The general plot arc is well done, actually, but it feels as if it was embellished by a lot of junk. A slightly more general note -- of all the genres of person-centric sci-fi, the character of the Doctor from Dr Who has for a long time been the one with whom I've identified most strongly. I haven't thought much about why/how/etc, but perhaps I should, as it may prove enlightening.

I need to find a way to mentally achieve a state of "feels like vacation", ideally while keeping life low-key enough that it actually feels good.


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