Pat Gunn (dachte) wrote,
Pat Gunn

Adult Imprinting

"It moves as she watches", the voice whispered for the thousandth time, although as the narration continued, a softer voice yet began its own cycle, wondering if thousingth is the right phrasing. The lights in the corritor, now electric, now a classical torch, swirled around their centre, the mathematical model mimicing a Ptolemaic revolution before the final disappearance of the sun left the planets to depart for infinity. "Room for Improvement" is the predictable down-beat of the large drum, and we, my dear companion, listen, we can feel our blood evoked by these phrases, russian doll series of endless reactions and random thoughts. Fractals rain from a sky just conjoured, confusing the air they pass as the solid is suddenly made jagged, impossibly sharp and intricate cuts. A film, a powerful moment, french words were spoken and adversaries became temporary lovers as a necklace was placed around his (her?) neck and he (she?) felt pretty. A moment of peace and desire between Uranus and Gaia, never the distractions of intellect, only more primal paint and ego on the walls. The moment ends, leaving a slightly shattered wall. "A cool house, almost unreal, not unlike a treehouse"..


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