Pat Gunn (dachte) wrote,
Pat Gunn

Folding Our New Wings

I am still pondering some things that I found myself feeling at a recent movie I saw. It's another one of those times when for a long time I can go without remembering a certain aspect of myself, and then something happens to remind me and I'm kind of surprised for a few days.

(section not shown)

Over watching 2 episodes of Dr Who, I put together my new small cabinet things (they were displayed as one large 2-part cabinet at IKEA. As I was about to move the old cabinet out to the trashed, I noticed that I could just take the drawer and wheels out of it, and with some removal of other parts, the old cabinet is still fine. This leaves me uncertain where to put the new cabinets. I may have slightly too much furniture due to this. Oh well.

My weekend plans will only involve Brecksville -- the arch of my right foot has been acting up for about a week, and now it occasionally throbs with pain sans reason. This is not likely to be good for dancing, and if I know I'm not going to Outland, I'm not keen to go to Columbus (better to wait until I can do everything I want there). I will probably leave tomorrow around 6ish and stay until Saturday night. I don't really have an ideal trip template in my mind for Brecksville, but I have such templates for Columbus, NYC, and (oddly) DC. I think this is because if Brecksville were devoid of family, I probably wouldn't ever visit it, and apart from visiting family, I don't do anything in Brecksville, while a trip alone to the other 3 places mentioned would probably be worth doing even if everyone I knew there were busy (has happened a few times) or I knew noone there.


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