Pat Gunn (dachte) wrote,
Pat Gunn

Order, Chaos, and Slapstick

Occasionally I misjudge people, or otherwise operate under a perspective that proves inaccurate. I think I've done so for someone, but a full apology is not warranted because I think my overall direction of my judgement was sound, but the strength of the assertion was off. I gave as much apology as was warranted when I found out (today), and am left a little bit humbled. Reflecting on things more fully, I see in my perspectives a fault born of thinking about life as a story. It's part of how when one is attracted to someone, it's hard to come to mentally position someone as something different than having interest, having dislike, or out of bounds. When someone says that they're simply disinterested in anything but very light social contact, it's hard to accept, but it can be true. This is a lesson that life has tried to teach me a number of times, and hopefully this time it'll stick with me. How I react is, of course, my perogative (within bounds of propriety, of course). I am inclined to disappear, which is always the easy and clean route, but I think that now that I know I have the strength of will to do so (having done it many times over the years), perhaps I should try to find a way to break the crush (and friendship interest?) without giving up on a social circle to do so. A position in a well-matched social circle is a precious thing.

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