Pat Gunn (dachte) wrote,
Pat Gunn

Peaks and Ponds

Last night was lightly eventful..

  • I went to spice island with some CMUFolk. It was ok - not great. The company was good though, and possible bike trips in the near future sound nice.
  • I went over the peak in my interest in Dofus. I made a third character, played it for a bit, and .. suddenly the future of playing the game became clear. Battle, battle, then spend a lot of time working to make stuff. I like the social aspect of the game, but the actual game parts are getting old. It's like an inferior version of Final Fantasy Tactics Advance glued onto a big IRC network. Speaking of which, ... sometime I should replay FFTA. That was a great game, and Dofus may have whetted (whet? whate?) my appetite. Maybe I'll occasionally play Dofus in the future, but it won't be a big thing.
  • I had to clean up some things that cats should never do. If it ever happens again, I'm going to have to get rid of Tortfeasor. I'm going to make an effort to put in what's needed to reduce incentive to do that, but regardless of if I do, the one grace occurance is used up. Grr. My eyes, hands, and nose still sting from the pine-sol.
  • Weather continues to be reasonable. Although I'd miss snowboarding, I wouldn't mind if it never gets colder than this for the entire "cold season". If need be, at least I (inexpertly) sewed up my (impressively old now but still nice) coat. Maybe this doesn't count as an event, but apparently I'm in a listy mood. Yarr.
  • After dinner, I had tea with friends, one of whom has been so busy that I haven't seen him for at least two months.
I'm still not sure about the Channukahmas party. It seems likely that there will be christmas carols, food I won't want to eat, and similar. The other day, I accepted a candycane from a cute, really really happy gal on CMU campus, pretty much just to let her continue to be happy. It's still in my pocket - most really sweet foods just don't appeal to me anymore. There are times that I really like seeing happy people though, so it was actually kind of nice. The party.. eh..

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