Pat Gunn (dachte) wrote,
Pat Gunn

Like Ninjas to a Party

Today was a nice, quiet day. My landlord stopped by early with maintenacefolk to take a look at my ceiling, which has been leaking almost since I moved in (and staining the carpet, generating a pungent mould smell). The problem lies with a leaky skylight in the apartment above me, although they may need to replace the carpet in my bedroom given the damage. I tried to get maintenance done on my car, but no place is open. After spending some time at the 61c, and walking around for awhile, I went home, got my accordion, and walked around in Schenley playing it. I keep forgetting that I have it -- it's a great way to spend time when I'm not sure what to do. When I was mostly through, I got a phone call asking for help in moving someone, so I did that, had Indian food, and then had the novel way of attending a gathering of giving people a ride there. It went ok, but I started to get sleepy, so I went home, where I am now, and so went another day.

I did well enough in my Bioinformatics class not to need to worry about paying for it. It's not a grade to be particularly proud of, but again, I don't care much about grades because my GPA went into hibernation years ago. I've even stopped having nightmares about my last finals (that stopped about a year ago, I think). So, hurrah! No horrible CMU tuition expenses!

I identified the song, oddly, by using a non-google search engine. It's titled "In a Dream", is a generic(?) piece sung by Pat Hodge. I think that the Tardis in the movie would make a rather cool place to live. I really like the dark wood look -- homes that are bright, like light-coloured furniture, somehow seem like toys. Meh. I am too tired to say anything more.


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