Pat Gunn (dachte) wrote,
Pat Gunn

I Lived by the Sword

Today was a surreal day. Because of major sinus headache (that has not completely gone away), I worked from home, and was surprisingly productive despite some unpleasantness that would be TMI to describe. Later, I drove out to Monroeville to yell at CompUSA for making it hard for my rebate to work, and then dropped the Behemoth off at Fnord for repairs. I then walked to the Monroeville India Garden for a very late lunch. It was surprising to me how different their recipes are -- their Samosa is different in a way that makes comparison hard (Oakland-IG's Samosa are crispy and vaguely oily, and Monroeville-IG's are softer with a spicy inside). Their Lassi is inferior to Oakland's, and their Paneer Tikka Makhni is .. much less complex and more soupy. Overall it's probably not quite as good as Oakland, but .. mmm.. those Samosa.. I also (finally!) replaced my wallet, after a lot of looking for one that met my rather picky desires (trifold with an extra leather attached flap for IDs and an unzippered area at the top for money), visited Borders (picking up a Dr Who novel and a Gaiman comic). I failed completely at navigating the bus system back (they moved the bus stop, and I spent a good amount of time waiting both where it was and at a wrong place I thought it was moved to). Fortunately, Eric was free and he picked me up and we grabbed a (headachy-ill but still good for me) dinner. There was a lot of walking, and some things I got and other things I wanted to get but resisted.

As for toys I did get, one of them was a (cheap!) USB hard drive enclosure. This is good because I have a pile of hard drives that might have data on them that I want to inventory. Some days ago, I ordered the Dr Who movie from Amazon UK. Naturally, I won't be able to play it on my DVD player, but I'll use my laptop instead. I have decided that Barnes and Noble's new bathroom policy (no bathroom access without permission) means that I will no longer buy anything from Barnes and Noble (at least in Squirrel Hill).

Update:USB drive enclosure is not so useful, because very few members of my pile-o-disks are not SCSI. Oops! On the upside, I was able to throw away all of the IDE disks I found. 1 was completely dead (would not spin up) and all the others were either NeXTStep or BSD-partitioned, and had no interesting data on them. This does leave me with a pile of SCSI disks which I should pop into a machine sometime to look over.

I am still feeling more ill than I have in a long time. I don't know if leaving my apartment was such a good idea -- normally I have the attitude that pains and illness are things to ignore, and sometimes I don't pay enough attention when I get signs that I really should not do some things. Getting up and walking around a bit felt good at first, but I probably should've stopped there. Naturally, I have a subject tomorrow, and thus *must* go into work, like it or not. Hooray! And also hooray for having a laundry drier that sounds like Daleks waltzing. Next week, I have my regular doctor's checkup. If I am still ill then, I'm sure he can either find some way to fix it or have me put down in a humane way.


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