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Of Sunken Ships..

I'm feeling moderately better -- still not 100% but I'm functional again and no longer regretting being alive. I hope my sinuses don't do that again for awhile.
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Goodbye, Behemoth...

I find it endlessly disappointing the kind of crap people add to Wikipedia. Some of this is from marketers who want to advertise their product, and some of it is from crazy fanatics for said product (or fanatics of other types). It's not easy keeping the junk out sometimes.

And now, some news because I haven't done it in awhile:

  • GM to subsidise gas for its SUV and auto customers. This is immensely frustrating. Just as one hopes that high gas prices would help shove selfish customers who don't care about the environment or waste into getting better vehicles, this kind of thing happens. I hope GM goes out of business.. soon.
  • Muslims have people who twist the Quran into supporting liberalism too! I applaud the directions they go at the same time I am saddened to see them depart from an honest reading of the work. I hope at some point, if they want to step into the enlightenment-era, they'll just discard it.
  • Another interesting article from Al-Jazeera, this time on English in the Phillipines. I am bothered that the business community sees the emergence of one world language as a positive thing. I admit that my reasoning on this matter is kind of complex, in that I think multiculturalism is a good but not a deeply important good. I don't like seeing languages going away (or being lessened) for business reasons though, and that's what I think this author is pushing for.
  • Tale of James Yee
  • Montenegro split with Serbia, becoming independent. On Wikipedia, they're handling the articles on the topic in an interesting way.
  • Greece and Turkey, never the best of friends due to their history, had a collision between some fighter jets patrolling disputed seas. Hopefully this will inspire them to work things out in a more satisfactory way
  • I find myself agreeing with the hopes (but not the motive) of the Family Council in DC over blocking the creation of a .xxx domain for the web. There's no reason such folk can't simply use .com, .org, or existing domains. .xxx is just an irritating marketing vanity they wanted, and I am pleased that it doesn't look like they'll get it.
  • Articles like this bring up an interesting issue in our attempts at fossil taxonomy -- how does one deal with subjects that may have been genetic defects rather than part of a population of normals? Statistically, we might be able to say that we should not care, as such fossils, by the odds, should not be found much. One hopes that that's enough. I would hope, for example, that people in the future would not dig up fossils of Down's Syndrome folk and decide they're a different species rather than folk with defective genes. The distinction in the abstract is kind of complex though...
That's all, for now.
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