Pat Gunn (dachte) wrote,
Pat Gunn

Birds Imitating Car Alarms

There are few things more amusing to me than two things I recently have seen. First, on my way home from yesterday's trip to the Southside, there was a car parked in front of some place with hebrew characters on the side, and the car alarm was going (thus ensuring that it probably would continue to go until the end of Shabbat). The amusing part is that the local birds were imitating the sound of the car alarm, with different sets of birds doing different parts. I believe that together they covered the whole set of "tunes" it did. The second source of amusement was something I saw today while walking back from Pamela's (yum! Pancakes!) -- there was someone playing violin on the street, and there was this lightly obese middle-aged dude who looked a bit like Rodney Dangerfield bouncing up and down and doing a dance that screamed "I look ridiculous, and I kind of like it". Being in the 61c now, I just heard him do what was almost a comedy routine in talking to the people working behind the counter.

Today is a good day -- I realise I get tomorrow off for some holiday, but already I feel like I've had a nice amount of relaxation this weekend, partly because I had some adventure, and partly because I managed not to sleep the entire weekend away. Left to my own, I'm not very good at making life enjoyable for myself, but I'm getting a bit better at it, I think.

When it comes to my resolutions on vim:

  • I now remember how to navigate the help system
  • I can do basic folding, but have chosen to forego some of the folding functionality in order to allow automatic syntax-dependant folding work. This means I cannot define my own folds, but that's not a major loss -- knowing how to open and close them is enough.
  • I have not made much use of tabs. For now, I don't see myself doing so
I should get new running shoes so I can do more than walk through the woods again without doing bad things to my nice, expensive walking shoes. Wanderlust isn't so bad when one is actually willing to walk or bus to explore a city.

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