Pat Gunn (dachte) wrote,
Pat Gunn

Tales of Unsaved Bacon

I am frustrated that my skills at hiding things are so much better than my skills at finding things. As you probably are aware if you know me personally, I, among other things, design and conduct experiments on people who are having a MRI. I recruit, arrange transport for, and pay the subjects for this, presently in cash. For this purpose, CMU wrote me a check, which I cashed for a big wad of cash out of which I pay people. This wad of cash was about $1000, and was in a nice envelope that NationalCity gave me. I've run a few subjects, paying them out of the wad for awhile, and then I moved. Given that my apartment has some maintenance issues, I hid that envelope so the maintenance workers wouldn't take it when they came by (slightly paranoid, I know, but...). I have, alas, forgotten where I hid it, and I am even more forgetful in that I may have actually retrieved it and taken it to the office since in order to pay subjects. The point is, I don't remember where it is, and I've been starting to pay my subjects out-of-pocket. This is not fun, because I pay subjects a bit over $60 apiece. Argh. Also, this month, I am having numerous one-time expenses and one-time income sources come together. Weird.

Last night, I had a fantastic dinner with Kavita at an Italian place in Squirrel Hill. Yum! I only see Kavita once every few weeks, so it was nice to catch up.

I am very comfortable in this warm, humid weather. I can feel all my limbs, and they do not feel cold. It seems that most people I know are not so comfy with it though.

I am *very* interested in doing this. I am unsure if I'd rather do it alone or with someone though -- there are very few people, even among good friends, that I'd be able to spend that much time cooped up with without my need to be effectively alone making me miserable. At the same time, the idea of doing all that cooped up with a stranger seems even worse (either way, I'd want a seat in one of the 2-person cabins). The specific route I'd take would probably be Moscow to Ulan Bator (Mongolia), with two or three nights stay there (and horseback riding!), and then on to Beijing. I admire the humour on Wikitravel for Ulan Bator -- for getting there, the car section says "don't try it", and the boat section says "Challenging, as Mongolia is landlocked". I should probably start to plan this for Summer 2007.


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