Pat Gunn (dachte) wrote,
Pat Gunn

Descending from the Rising Sun

There's something vaguely embarassing reading a Doctor Who novel called the Quantum Archangel while sitting at a coffeeshop right next to someone who has a book titled "Quantum Field Theory in Curved Spacetime and Black Hole Thermodynamics".

From the "As cool as it is, it's not worth the money" department, I don't see myself going to future O'Reilly conferences. I'll miss them, true, but they're really more about community than about learning cool things, and $1500(plus hotel plus airfare) can go to better uses in my life than that. That being said, if it were all free and if I were going, my schedule would look like this:


  • Monday morning: dconway's Seven Principles of Better API Design
  • Monday afternoon: dconway's Mastering vim OR mjd's Higher-Order Perl
  • Tuesday morning: Alan Turoff's Intro to Haskell OR Cliff Schmidt's Just Enough IP Law to Manage an OSS Project. This is kind of the "dud timeslot"
  • Tuesday afternoon: Scott Davis' Rolling Your Own Google Maps OR DConway's More Perl Best Practices
==Wednesday Sessions==
  • Intro stuff, which is always fun
  • OmniTI's PostgreSQL case study OR Google's Summer of Code OR Perl DBI OR Ruby on Rails makes Multiplayer Game
  • State of the Linux Kernel
  • Mind like Water
  • Skipping this Slot
  • Perl Lightning Talks
  • Sun's Embedded Database Systems OR Surviving Poisonous People
  • Reception
==Thursday Sessions==
  • Multimaster Replication for Postgres OR Subversion Best Practices
  • TimeTravel Tables using Postgres OR Relational Object Driver
  • Google's TBD OR Perl6 Update OR Writing Portable C with APR
  • State of the Desktop Infrastructure (very interesting!)
  • Parrot: Evolution OR Intel Platform Innovations
  • Conway Channel OR Troubleshooting in Java
  • OMG is this talk title and description a parody?
  • Inappropriate uses for scripting languages OR State of Jabber OR 10 Tools Developers Need
  • Go make fun of Jason Scott at his presentation because he's a jerk OR Kamaelia OR Livejournal's Secret Spinoffs
  • Guided Tour of Portland's Bridges

This review of a number of music suggestion sites is pretty cool. I use Pandora right now, as recommended by a friend, but I may start using some others in this list as well.


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