Pat Gunn (dachte) wrote,
Pat Gunn

Blood Sacrifice for Memory

I have found the envelope of money, but as the title notes, I made a blood sacrifice to do so. As I mentioned earlier, one of the problems with my apartment is that there was water leaking from the ceiling, causing the paint to peel (giant flap of peeled paint = ugh), the carpet beneath to mold (wonderful smell, especially with no screens for the windows and most of them not able to open *cough*), and other fun. When this started to happen, I took down a set of shelves with books on them, depositing everything that was on them in big piles by my desk. Apparently the envelope was on that shelf. Unfortunately, I had a mishap with my big toenail just now as I was reaching for the envelope, and .. the results are not pretty. Ugh. Oh well, at least I'm not down almost $1000.

The other irritant is that ants are showing up increasingly frequently, and these ants actually have the ability to bite me and pierce the skin. I feel like I'm in Texas again.. nice, warm weather, and nasty crawlies.

This is pretty cool -- a project to burn new Fedora install media with the updates already applied. That'll be handy -- I might download the ISOs. I'm inclined to set up a toy system, perhaps at work, that will track Fedora Rawhide instead of the releases. I need to start researching LCD TVs (or giant LCD monitors) to replace my TV too.. ugh. Once I have the monitor, I can figure out what to do about setting up a computer to hook everything up to (I will probably want to connect my VCR, N64, Gamecube, and eventually Wii). I don't look forward to this -- the last time I played with Video4Linux (admittedly a long time ago), getting it and vendor video drivers all to play nice with each other was not an easy task. There is the other possibility of getting some kind of Mac to manage the whole thing.. that would make all the hardware/software issues related to multimedia considerably easier, but also a lot less flexible. I also don't really want to manage a Mac system -- even back into the NeXTStep days, the mentality has always been "use the GUI to manage the system", with the netinfo and other CL tools being poorly documented and limited. Meh.


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