Pat Gunn (dachte) wrote,
Pat Gunn

Rank and Phylum

Today has been a very pleasant day.. again. My subject picked me up at home, we did the MRI, and I again explored the Southside afterwards. Today's adventures included a large (independent?) bookstore which had a good selection and pleasant atmosphere. I picked up a physics book by Isaac Asimov. I then went to a restaurant called Bruschetta's, where I had some incredible vegitable Risotto and some Zinfandel. Swinging by a video game exchange, I picked up a nostalgia item, and finally I settled at the Beehive, running into some people I know... for awhile.

(section not shown)

I could use a nap, but right now I'm not near anywhere where it would be kosher to have one. I may head back to Squirrel Hill purely to be able to nap in the park.i

As pleasant as today and now is, there are still some deadlines that are coming up that I feel unable to make any progress towards resolving. A golem I made...


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