Pat Gunn (dachte) wrote,
Pat Gunn

My Cats Have Friends

I found out partly why my cats love the front window of my current place so much -- there are neighbourhood cats who come onto the porch and visit them, playing through the window. I should start to keep a "gift foodbowl" stocked here too. Speaking of which, I need to also take more steps to really settle in here. Out of everywhere I've lived (even my beloved 97A W. Northwood Ave Columbus apartment), this place feels the most like a place that could be a fully civilised home. It has room for a garden in back, a nice, large porch in front, and incredibly tall ceilings. I should at some point decide if I want to stay in Pittsburgh for another 5 years (if so, I should buy this place), or if I am going to head somewhere else. ...

Maybe I'm doing Livejournal wrong -- some people I know recently mentioned some nice tools to directly manipulate livejournal accounts. If I made another account and used these tools to post to it, I could get email notifications, not have my posts on LJ disappear after 2 weeks, and also get the categories (and occasional music) that I've implemented in POUND show up on LJ too.


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