Pat Gunn (dachte) wrote,
Pat Gunn

Conservation of Geekiness

I mentioned earlier that I got a novelisation of Zork, produced by Infocom press. This raised my geek factor by a few points. I just spent those points in two incidents.

My new laptop bag is great, but I've had the constant frustration of having the wrong strap for it (meaning sometimes the strap latches released, dropping the (thankfully well-padded) bag on the floor). Recently, while looking for a USB key I lost, I emptied out the bag completely and pulled the pads and similar out of it. I found where the straps were -- inside the inner bag that holds the laptop. I apparently was pushing the laptop in over them the whole time, and I never took the bag completely apart befpre. Oops.

ndiswrapper has been a plague on me ever since I started using it - it causes keyboard/mouse events to get randomly dropped and sometimes causes system hangs. In recent kernels it tends to poop out after using the card for a few minutes, needing a reboot to work again. I bought an external USB wireless adapter, but my research didn't dig up some things only the developers knew - that 64-bit compatibility is iffy and due to some stupid decisions in how DMA is done, systems with over 2G ram won't work yet. So... that hardware may be usable in a few months. Not good enough. I lamed out and went to radio shack, spent the gift card they sent me (using a warranty I got on headphones), and got a wireless gaming adapter - it's basically a browser-controlled ethernet to wireless bridge designed for playstations and similar. By sidestepping the entire Linux wireless-driver situation, I now have wireless that doesn't make my system suck, is reliable, and can hop on encrypted networks. It's kind of embarassing, really.

In the end, I gained no geekpoints. :(

I had strange, kind of disturbing dreams last night, tied to violations of my ethics, tempting situations, and short versus long term pleasure. Some part of it is probably a set of echoes from a conversation I had a few weeks ago that, as far as I know, was entirely theoretical. Conflict between one's larger value system and the temptation towards unacceptable pleasure is much more interesting when one has a correct (my POV) understanding of values and morals/ethics.

I don't feel social enough to go to the party thrown by coworkers tonight. I am quite enthused about upcoming travel though. It's generally nice to have something to look forward to.


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