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Electron Dance-Dance Polka

Friday I went climbing, and ended up meeting up with Jenerator and a bunch of her friends. It went well, except I had gone climbing on Wednesday of that week and my muscles were not ready for climbing again two days later. This combines badly with my right foot being injured. Today I was incredibly sore and hobbling around for the experiment. I had another nice lunch at Bruchetta's afterwards, came home, and took a nap. As for my new TV, some impressions:

  • It doesn't make the continuous high-pitched squeal CRTs and traditional TVs make. I can't tell it's on when it's not making noise. This is kind of weird..
  • Either my VCR/DVD player puts out a bad component signal or the TV is kind of sensitive -- when playing stuff using the component input, it sometimes drops video and says output out of sync for a few seconds. There are no problems with the composite input, or using component with the gamecube.
  • Things look great with the DVI input using my windows laptop. I watched a movie and played Civ3 for a bit that way.
  • Bright whites are a bit too white
  • It's time to decide on the computer

A recent advance in gentics has given us cats that don't cause allergies for some people. Initial reaction: Perhaps people should simply get another type of pet? Also: $2000 for a cat seems a bit excessive, especially given how much good $2000 could do at a pet shelter.. But: Such cats could be bred and create more non-allergy-making cats Hmm: Would the inventors be jerks and claim "ownership" over such cats to the extent that future litters would need have a license fee associated with their improvements?

I am keen to see A Scanner Darkly, which is to come out in about a month. It's to have similarity to Waking Life, done by the same person using similar techniques.

I'm probably going to be staying at home for all of tomorrow and relaxing. Anyone who wants to visit will be welcome.


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