Pat Gunn (dachte) wrote,
Pat Gunn

A Litterbox for Humans

At work, I'm trying to learn how to use (in-depth for real work things) two MRI-analysis suites at the same time, these being OsiriX and BrainVoyager. OsiriX is a free software suite for OSX, and BrainVoyager is a $6000 software suite for Linux or Windows (complete with dongle). Both of them are really powerful -- in my limited playing around, Brainvoyager lets me see plots of activity wherever I click over my entire scan series. OsiriX lets me draw ROIs, and can do cool movies. Unfortunately, I have learned something else about both of them -- they use terms and file formats that I know nothing about. I could really use either some time sitting down with someone who uses one or both professionally or a class on them. It should be worth it given how powerful they both look (while they're both over my head, OsiriX looks less powerful but with a much better interface, and BrainVoyager looks far more powerful but less friendly).

I am trying to clean my email inboxen, for work and home. At work, there are presently 998 messages in there (I use pine there). At home, 3195 messages. The first message in my home inbox is from 3 June 2002 (I do use other folders too, of course). It would probably take a long time to get the inboxen down to almost empty, but every once in awhile I spend a day on it and trim it down a bit.

Google Earth is now out in early beta for Linux, but I can't run it because it doesn't like my video drivers. Attempts to make it use the 32-bit fglrx bridge GL stuff caused a kernel panic. Sigh. Oh well, at least it's progress. I'm sure there are now hordes of people working on it, and once google indexes wherever they're talking about it, I'll be able to follow their efforts.

It's sometimes amusing to be called a newbie at something by someone ten years one's junior when one has done the thing they call one a newbie at both more times and started doing it when they were not even born. :)

Goodbye to Doctor Fun.

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