Pat Gunn (dachte) wrote,
Pat Gunn

From Tangent Elman

I spent much of the evening today at the new "park" area where the carpark was. All things considered, they did a pretty good job at making a pleasant and fun place to hang out. It reminds me of PortlandOregon in a good way. If the times I've walked by it are any indication, they'll have bands and stuff there every so often. If it has faults, it's a bit too flat and the food pavilions on the side are a bit much, but it is actually a wonderful addition to Pittsburgh.

The power company sent me a pamphlet telling me how nice they are to allow me to restrict the release of my account information to electric generation suppliers... in other words, their competitors. It would of course be utterly horrible for their competitors to be able to reach me, and offer me potentially better rates. I'm glad that they're offering to preserve my privacy in this way :) Heh.

Spending that time in the new park area has put me in a pleasant mood. Cleaning my place up more and moving things from piles to proper shelving/arrangements also is making me happy. Running into some cool people I've met once or twice while at the park was also cool. Good incense in my apartment helps too. I hope it rains -- that would make today perfect..


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