Pat Gunn (dachte) wrote,
Pat Gunn

Sandwich Archetypes

Today was another mostly work-at-home day, partly because I needed to be around to get a delivery (argh), and partly because my heart did one of it's rare actings-up (pretty bad this time, actually). My heart's okay now, and the deliveries were actually most of the parts of my new computer. I just spent awhile putting it together (went slow because it's been many years since I built a system), and I'm now running updates on it. Here's a pic shortly after getting it together:

Two philosophical ideas went through my head today.. first, I wonder if an overemphasis on the advice "don't talk to strangers" is both a symbol of and cause of social decay. As many aspects of societal trust depend on society exercising care for its members, an emphasis on withdrawl early in childhood may shape later interactions kids have as they age -- I wonder if children who never heard it might be more outgoing and social. Secondly, I realised recently that there's a certain mirror that can be held up to how I think about "free love" and "open/poly relationships" and how others think of communism. I know some folks at CMU who either have expressed an admiration for the ideals of free love (the main person I'm thinking of, B, does have a somewhat-hippie motif to his life) or are engaged in the open/poly styles of relationships (actually, I know a few people who do or did this, both in and outside CMU). I have always suspected that in the long-term, these styles of relationships are not a good match for human psychology, and even if I am wrong on that and people can come to (be raised to or shape themselves for) a good match with that and who they are, such a thing would not be appropriate for me. I realise that this is a pretty good mirror for a lengthy discussion I had on Communism and the changes in personal character that it would engender and require. The other person eventually agreed that at least on an individual scale, people could be shaped into being appropriate for the system, but they told me that they were sure it was not for them given their upbringing and what they want from society. I am amused to have just made the connection between the perceptions.


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