Pat Gunn (dachte) wrote,
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Living in the Elevator

Some winners:

The gyroscopic mouse I got for my desktop at home is awesome. When I lift it up, and pull a "trigger" on it, moving it through the air moves the cursor, which is great for when I'm sitting on the couch (glass tables don't work well with optical mice). I find myself in the amusing situation of trying to navigate my desktop entirely with a mouse, unusual for a Unixhead like me.

From the Wikipedia article on Ligers,

They may inherit conflicting behavioural traits from the parent species. Ligers may exhibit conflicts between the social habits of the lion and the solitary habits of the tiger. Their lion heritage wants them to form social groups, but their tiger heritage urges them to be intolerant of company. Opponents of deliberate hybridization say this causes confusion and depression for the animals, especially after sexual maturity. How much of their behaviour is due to conflicting instincts and how much is due to abnormal hormones or the stress of captive conditions is not fully known.

This describes me and one of my inner struggles rather well.

Amusing quirky life thing - my doctor has referred me to a podiatrist to deal with my foot issue. Unfortunately, I will need to walk to said podiatrist. I like walking generally, just not right now.

I like KGB a lot more in the summer, and while I was thinking that I should scale down my showing up to rare occurences, having accidentally been to the first summer meeting has inspired me to show up to all of them since. Some groups function a lot better below a certain size, and sometimes placing something in a room with rows of seats makes it more of a speaker-audience kind of thing than a collaborative communal thing. Very few of CMU's classrooms are well-designed for the circle-with-cross-discussion type of teaching. I wonder if school architecture and teaching traditions have strong ties... If CMU were to decide to use socratic teaching for as many of its classes as possible, for example, would they need to call the architects? I imagine the "default position of chairs" in which the room is left would differ for some classrooms, at least. I wonder what the best way would be to encourage participation WRT situation people -- sometimes I've daydreamed about having a central area (which might or might not have a person in it), and having very vertical columns of chairs (think hollywood squares, but shorter).. but maybe it's possible to do better. A question to readers -- when a group gets to the point where a circle of chairs starts to feel less intimate, given clever architects/engineers is there a way to stack people or otherwise provide a better visual surface area to preserve communicability?

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