Pat Gunn (dachte) wrote,
Pat Gunn

2006 Early Retrospective

I'm doing this a bit earlier than in past years, partly because the later parts of this month involve travel and possible other busyness. The end of the year is just another convenient marker in our cultural conception of time anyhow, so it should be no big deal to bend it as we like.

2006 was largely a holding-pattern year for me - things happened, but major changes didn't materialise.


  • I moved from my old apartment on Hobart to my new place, a few streets over
  • I sold my car, and got used to carless existence. It's been good.
  • I saw what looked like it might've turned into a relationship, given luck and a somewhat different arrangement of reality. I regained my wavering belief that I would ever find another relationship, and in doing so realised that I am also scared of relationships.
  • A few acquaintances become friends
  • My intentions to leave Pittsburgh for Europe became fairly firm.
  • I gave up a few philosophically derived positions when they either stopped making sense to me or drifted too far from my emotional realities
  • Awesome chainmail class
  • Found some more awesome restaurants.
  • Thought some thoughts that are important to me
  • Discovered Kingdom of Loathing, a fun web-based game
  • Read a number of good books/journals, from Murakami and Kundera to things that help me understand the middle east and east asia.
  • Integrated more music into my collection, much of it Bhangra.
  • Started and wrapped up a fMRI study at work.
  • Got a desktop computer again (to control my "TV")
  • Learned that myrrh is great incense, started to regularly eat Müsli again, and learned that "Lady Hannah" tea is wonderful.

Things I hope to do next year:

  • Arrange a good job and move to Europe over the summer
  • Fall in love (with someone new or someone I already know). It's ok if this means giving up on Europe (for a time or forever), and good if it happens in Europe.
  • Stop biting my nails/picking at them and likewise with my lips. This was something I hoped for 2006 too.
  • Continue having important thoughts
  • Continue reading good books
  • Download PDFs of books I have, drastically reduce size of my paper library. Without using filesharing networks, of course. Sure. Yeah.
  • Discard more stuff I don't need
  • More goth/techno dancing. Also see Rocky Horror Picture Show more often. Both of these are going to be difficult in Pittsburgh.
  • More creative stuff, where creative is more tied to "create" than anything more specific
  • Figure out what life experiences I really want to have in life once in areas that are things I would not normally do. The extent to which these may result in character-changing moments needs to be considered..
  • Learn Ruby to fluency.

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