Pat Gunn (dachte) wrote,
Pat Gunn

What a way to spend a birthday

There's a scheduled power outage for half of CMU spanning the evening that starts my birthday. I don't celebrate birthdays, but this time I'm anti-celebrating -- I'll be sleeping in the machine room (or my office) at work in order to make sure I'll be there for the 06:-07: time window they expect to have power back. If I want to dig into the silly overattachment to facts that are built on top of arbitrary definitions and declarations of importance that are things of this sort, ....

Sometime around 2:30am on 28 June 1978, Pat Gunn was born in a Presbyterian Hospital in Dallas, Texas. 28 years later and about 1250 miles away (more distant than Paris to Berlin), he was sleeping on the floor of his workplace in Pittsburgh, Pennsylvania babysitting computers that he took care of and used to analyse brains. Hehe. Maybe I'll go home early that day.

Tags: work

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