Pat Gunn (dachte) wrote,
Pat Gunn

Loosing the s

Dear World,

A number of highly intelligent people (from CMU students to university professors) have been misspelling "lose" as "loose". Y'all should know better. Please cut it out (or at the very least, don't show me this more than once a day). Otherwise, I shall drive my cluewagen over to your ship of fools, and battle will ensure. LART LART LART! It won't be pretty. As a reminder:

  • to lose - to split with something, or to do badly/fail/suffer
  • to loose - to weaken a connection/binding between two things (alternate form of loosen), also has adjective form describing the state of having a weak (usually physical) connection/binding

Sample usage:

Frequent misuse of "loose" and "lose" loosens my sanity, and if I lose it, you will lose.

Today isn't going quite as expected -- I brought my subject to the scanning facility, and it was closed (nobody told me that my usual saturday reservation was not made). Aurrgh. So, I'm at the Beehive again. It's pleasantly warm outside. ... If I had known that I had no scan this weekend, I would've visited some people in Columbus or NYC though. Sigh.

Every time I dig into it, I am surprised at exactly how intelligent my boss is.

I can highly recommend Haruki Murakami as an author. Some time back, a friend of mine recommended I read something of his, and I never got around to it. More recently, another friend loaned me "Hard-Boiled Wonderland and the End of the World", and I am amazed. His writing is like Kundera (which is almost accidentally cyberpunk in some ways), but a bit less philosophical-metaphorish and a bit more adventure-ish. The joy in turning each page for both authors is much the same.


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