Pat Gunn (dachte) wrote,
Pat Gunn

Losing the Ability to Shuffle

You live under the magnifying glass, basking in the glow of a thousand eyes for every little gesture, every baby step. Your diapers and later flesh grant you admiring eyes, override overrudely our judgement. Compared to the mouth of a philosopher or statesman, your diaper marks your glory like a crown. Bent and twisted hands that have touched the soil of ten thousand places, shaken ten thousand hands, and worked for ten thousand days will never be admired like new pinkness. Thinking wears away instinct, and old eyes remember to glare.

I have another addictive song stuck in my head, this time a German (techno!) children's song called "Eine Insel mit zwei Bergen". I am amused to find that the notorious german love of techno inspires them to write techno childrens songs, but it works. The song is quite inane though -- sometimes my musical taste embarasses me. I don't like much music that's too pop because simplicity is normally a major turn-off for me (in music.. well.. in people too), but sometimes it's overridden by catchiness...

The blood test came in from my most recent doctor's visit. HDL is 31, LDL is 164. My cholesterol does not really seem to want to move much, and it is not in a happy place (not terrible, but not great). I eat fairly healthily, and I'm not particularly inactive. Sigh.

My perception of time is flowing very oddly today. I got to work at a reasonable hour, and ended up leaving at 18:30 (kind of late) simply because I lost track of time. It felt like I wasn't at work that long, subjectively an hour or two. I've been home for an hour now, and it feels like I've been here for many hours.

Here are some blogs and other things with feeds you may want to consider adding to your feed accumulator (LJ, Thunderbird, Firefox's Feed-Bookmark feature, or whatever):

I am subscribed to a few other feeds, but those should be most that are of general interest. Anyone else have particular recommendations?

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