Pat Gunn (dachte) wrote,
Pat Gunn

Boss-town Boston

From 4 August to 7 August, I will be in Boston, attending Wikimania. I will Amtrak myself there. The 7th being a monday, anyone who is vaguely in the area who has some free time and wants to hang out, let me know. If you want to offer me lodging, I'm willing to extend my trip. I am also willing and possibly interested in traveling to nearby cities to see things (understand that anyplace I go will need to have an Amtrak station so I can get back to Pgh when my adventures are finally over). Failing any other ideas, I may rent a car to go attempt to find a large boulder near where my family briefly lived in Connecticut, but perhaps someone can suggest something more interesting.

(Update:I will probably fly instead. For some reason, it is cheaper to fly to Boston than to take the train. Please let me know ASAP if anyone wants to hang out for part of that week -- I want to buy tickets soon, ideally by saturday)

As a kind of out-there idea, I might take advantage of already being fairly far east to greyhound all the way to Halifax and do my Nova Scotia vacation back-to-back with wikimania. It would be 30 hours by bus though.. perhaps it would be better to do that some other time and go by air.


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