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Lost phone has been recovered, courtesy of an observant neighbour. I'm disappointed to say that it was swapped with a rather more final lost thing (for the last few weeks, I've found something I've lost the same day as I've lost something important) - Veracruz (the restaurant). On the way back to my street to pick up the lost phone, I met with a friend (who I later ended up having lunch with) who reported that he's not eating there anymore because of some incidents of anti-black racism by employees of the store, one of which he witnessed. As a fellow person who cares about these things, I no longer feel comfortable eating there either. It's a pity, because their food is soooo good. I also kind of expect minorities (as much as I expect other liberals - holding them to a higher standard) to act appropriately to other folk who are hurt by racism - beyond my normal anger, there's an element of WTF present.

As little as I use my phone, it still bugged me to be without it. Part of this might be that it's my timepiece, and part of it might be that I promised this phone to someone and tracking down another one to make good on my word wasn't going to be easy. The bits of data on the phone right now are also pretty important to me - there are a few passphrases for some resources I need to access every so often (which I was already starting to use dreams to dig out of my mind instead and writing them down, although there were a lot of them and this would've taken awhile).

I think I'm over the constant headache/nausea of the last few days - I'm not sure if it was caused by my having consumed large amounts of milk recently (perhaps my lactose intolerance is getting worse with age), more neck problems, or something else. Even better, I have sitting by me (here at work) a nice big loaf of bread that *might* be the wonderful stuff I had a month ago. :)

I have a theory that an interesting temperature gradient makes bread more fun to eat.


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