Pat Gunn (dachte) wrote,
Pat Gunn

Renaming of Angels

Random thoughts/impression:

  • Does the ordering of letters in the alphabet provide much useful content to learning the written English language? What would be lost or more difficult if they were not taught that way? Would the grouping of letters into sound families make more sense (e.g. put v and b together because their sounds are close)?
  • Does approaching death and awareness of declining mental function (the we're all in this together) aid in the survival of relationships until death?
  • Going to the new pizza place that's where West Coast Video was is like dancing with a friend's widow. That said, it was quite tasty (although overpriced)
  • My tapes of the Dr Demento show, all made between 1994 and 1997, have some good music on them.. I should get a plug-in tape deck to listen to them rather than use a walkman-equivalent device with a flakey audio cable tosend it to my computer
  • On that note, GE's portable tape player was much better than a walkman
  • Really cheap earphones are not worth the money. I got a set of 2 external and one in-ear earphone for $5, and each of them brings me some kind of literal physical pain when I use them because they were not designed to attach well to the human body. Normally cheap earphones (about $15) are fine -- I might get another pair of these
  • I have been mercifully free of even the slightest trace of headache for the last few days. Hooray!

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