Pat Gunn (dachte) wrote,
Pat Gunn

Compassion for One's Victims

I figured out that one of the three giant windows in the front room of my apartment can open (the others are nailed shut). It even has a screen. My cats and I are just as pleased by this (although for different reasons).

Last night's dream was pretty entertaining. It was one of my very rare recent dreams that includes some of my immediate family -- I was initially with my mom, who wanted to enter a realm of shadows (I apparently was a shadow wizard who could go from realms of light to full darkness.. or something like that.). This might have been at some woodsy cabin somewhere. After she was ready, I pulled us into the shadow area, and started to travel to my grandparents' place alone (I don't know if she intended to go with me or just enter the shadow area), by the roads. I got a bit lost, and noticed when I reached the bottom of a ravine trail with two really small looking roads leading off (it was fun going down). As I turned around and slowly made my way back up, there was a dream narration or title of some part noting that when traveling in shadow, it's easy to lose one's intent of travel without concentration. I passed a bunch of children who were also trying to climb the hill, in a big line. Eventually I re-reached the road, and reached a bookstore (perhaps a cross between the BathOhio Borders, my Elementary school library, and a slight airport-bookstore feel too), where I used the computer to see if they had some particular books I wanted. They didn't, but I picked out a few others, and then decided I didn't really need them so I put them back. I then reached a fancy auditorium complex where BushJr was set to give a speech (that in shadow was woods resembling the metroparks). My sisters were in the auditorium, and to pass the time before his speech, BushJr was handing out candy (not many people were there.. my dreams are almost never crowded, and a deserted feel is very common). I went up for them, got three treats (one for the twins, one for me, and one for Lindsay), and hoped to be able to talk politics with BushJr, but he just looked tired and didn't say anything. I gave the treats to my sisters, went into the shadowrealm, and sat down for a bit. I ate a giant earthworm, as a whim, and as it started to go down my throat, I felt that it was kind of cruel, so I coughed it up to the point where I could grab its tail, and slowly eased it out of my throat, gently and persistantly pulling so as not to break it. As it came out, I felt it grabbing parts of the inside my throat, unfolding them in ways that took several swallows later to get them normal again. I then let it crawl off into the ground.

At that point, Tortfeasor woke me up with his yowling (as usual, he ate all the food). Last night I went right to sleep after getting home, and as a consequence am actually awake and not too groggy at 08:30.

From the comment section on LJ for a previous post..Much of Uncyclopedia isn't that funny anyhow, because most people suck at humour. It's kind of like if you know a horse ate your jewelry box, digging through .. well, you get the picture. :)

Oh, the circularity!

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