Pat Gunn (dachte) wrote,
Pat Gunn

Arrogant Meetup

One of the things I find amusing about Wikipedia is that it puts a lot of highly intelligent people, all naturally accustomed to getting their own way and with large egos (and the accompanying difficulty in accomodating others) into a small space where eventually they'll bump into each other and have situations judge them on how honest, courteous, and careful they can be. Most eventually fail. The degree to which they dust themselves off and try to improve their behaviour says a lot about them, both the person before and the person afterwards. This happens a lot more often in Wikipedia society than real society because in real life, the really intelligent and egoistic people tend to be naturally spaced out enough that they can preserve their local interactions for their given region.

I am not immune to being part of this game, it being very human, although it's been exceedingly rare that I've blown my top or done anything that was more about ego than the project. I've seen some people I know IRL or rather well online do so though...

Tags: wikipedia

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