Pat Gunn (dachte) wrote,
Pat Gunn

Slurping Culture

Things that I am in love with:

  1. Google Earth on Linux
  2. My new mouse that I can wave in the air
  3. The middle is actually a proxy...

I now have the Willy Wonka movie.. the original one. I am watching it now, and am stunned at exactly how the remake sucked all that is good out of the original. The original felt like it was portraying real characters living real lives, was less ego-centric (the thing about having Charlie's grandpa, in the remake, working for the factory felt really cheap), and .. well, sometimes a gritty and real story is more enjoyable than a fantastic, fake, hollywood film. In the original, there was character growth, and everyone was human. ... grumble.. but happy, because I have the original now. I like some Tim Burton stuff (Beetlejuice, Peewee's Big Adventure, Big Fish), but the Wonka remake is only slightly more likable than Mars Attacks (which was oh-god-so-terrible).

D was in town today, and I visited with her. Mmm.. good food.


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