Pat Gunn (dachte) wrote,
Pat Gunn

Institutionalised Cleverness

Another soul-suckingly bad film - Napoleon Dynamite. No redeeming value. Zero. Only marginally more watchable than Red Zone Cuba. It tries to be indie, or eighties, or something, but it just makes me deeply revolted. I doubt that anyone who could appreciate Rawls, Kundera, or Hofstadter could possibly appreciate this film. It certainly tries harder than films like Find the Lady, but .. I am concerned that if this passes for literature-equivalent for the majority of the population, people are progressing no further than an average 14 year old in their exposure to literature. Great literature (and movies, perhaps) builds intellect. MTV and the like does not.

From another movie I'm now watching, late-night swimming sounds very appealing. Unfortunately, CMU's pool is not open late.

Update:Gothika is a throughly generic but still enjoyable horror movie. It doesn't try to reach nearly as high, and is a decent movie to watch while doing something else.


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