Pat Gunn (dachte) wrote,
Pat Gunn

A Suit For Dreams

My suit has hung in my closet for a month or two now, having previously been in a ball as components in a laundry bag. I haven't used it since having it cleaned, because I initially got it cleaned to go to a play at CMU that turned out not to warrant such nice dress, and since then I have prior commitments that keep me from going to a wedding of some friends I would've liked to have gone to today, not being invited to a wedding of some friends I would've liked to have gone to later this month, and .. etc etc. I honestly don't know when I'll next use it. In a way, I've been using it all this time though, as a mental crutch, or prop. I've had several dreams where I've gone places wearing it, and they have generally been pleasant. I don't recall having any of those dreams before it was all cleaned and waiting as it is now, so I might be able to say that it's a suit, at this point, primarily for dreaming. Is it worth having a suit primarily for dreaming? Do I have any other things that are primarily or only useful in dreams? A few. There are a few articles of clothing that I don't wear often, there's my giant hiking stick that I haven't taken near nature for over a year (it blends into my apartment so well I always forget about it). There's also my shredder, which is mostly broken in real life but works fine in dreams.

Three days ago, a hacker comprimised a user account on one of my systems (meaning a member of the cluster I built/maintain) at work. Fortunately, they did not comprimise the system, and even more fortunately, they were rather clueless and left the bash history intact. As a matter of fact, all they really did was setup a ftp server to distribute porn, make a crontab entry to keep restarting it every minute, and log in a few times to check on it. It was very easy to undo what few things they did, and a quick note to one of their hosts in the netherlands got one of their sites shut down. It was still very irritating -- the way they got in was a security hole in older versions of vnc-server -- I was running an old version because newer versions broke connectivity for some of my users. That was a bad decision on my part.

Tonight, after wrapping up my scan and hopefully my midday business, I'm going to a local(ish) showing of Rocky. It's been awhile, and I'm looking forward to it.


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