Pat Gunn (dachte) wrote,
Pat Gunn

Best of Shows, Worst of Shows

Actually, it was neither, it was actually alright, or pretty good. Last night, the local Rocky cast (of whom I know a fair number) got a theatre for the evening (they're somewhere between existing and not existing), and RHPS was done. I went, and had a pretty good time. The theatre wasn't really suitable, and things were out of practice, but everyone seemed happy to be there, they had a pretty decent reel (there are numerous versions of RHPS that theatres might have), and a fairly generous portion of props were allowed (theatres vary a lot on what they let people bring/use). Afterwards, people went to Eat'n'Park, where .. I sat with some other people who are generally kinda quiet, so for some stretches of time, we all sat quietly at the table and I wished I were alone. For other parts, there was good conversation, including with a girl who had a bizarre ethnic mix (Norwegian plus Mongolian) that was kinda cute. I finally got to bed around 5am.

Before that, I scanned a subject (one of the sort who didn't really seem comfortable to be at the scanner), had two surprise pleasant phone conversations while scanning, had lunch at Bruchetta's (finally, I remembered what to order -- Not the Bruchetta -- the Risotto is the gem there), met with some people, and then went to the Beehive for a bit. Because I chose the worst possible time to leave the Beehive, I almost didn't make it back in time for Rocky. I almost took a cab home (I in fact waved at one, but it was full).

This is very good for consumers -- it looks online music stores in France might need to be open to a number of players. It's primarily aimed at Apple. It's important to note that the companies we like generally have their hands enmeshed in things that are bad for society. Google, the most benign company I can think of right now, survives by selling advertisements. Apple sells an operating system that they artifically restrict to only run on their hardware, selling music that only wants to run on their music player, etc. Exclusivity is just as much an illness as a standard business practice, and should not be acceptable in a transitional society. I do worry though that some of the seeming benign nature of these companies is only possible because their profits are so large, that being because they abuse people/the market to provide a monetary fat they can absorb. Can skinny companies be friendly? The petit bourgeois model, as the celebrated "mom n' pop" stores, certainly may be (smaller companies tend to be, but are not always (as my adventure with McLeod and Associates told me), friendlier), although this relies on only an amount of competition that permits an amount of fat necessary to prevent businesses from needing to be hardnosed. With too much competition, regardless of natural size of companies involved, wages and other benefits would be reduced to sustinence wages (or a minimum wage) in order to better compete with alternatives, given a vulnerable labour market (and labour markets always tend to be vulnerable, in the end). It will be interesting to see how changes in the elasticity of these relations shifts as neocolonialism falls apart in years to come.

I initially celebrated when I saw that the American Supreme court declared the military tribunals occcurring in Guantanamo Bay to be illegal. Of course, BushJr won't stop. Americans of voting age, please contact your congressfolk to encourage them to reject any attempt to legalise them. I saw a delightful bit of graffiti on a sign on the way to the Doctor's on Friday -- "Bush to the Hague". It is amusing that of the people who actually understand what it means, the majority of them are likely to be liberal and agreee with it. Hopefully things like this will be laid to rest soon. Shame on any of those who supported such a ban.

The African Union is up to some interesting things.


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