Pat Gunn (dachte) wrote,
Pat Gunn

Metallic Flight Sounds

On the way home today, I passed a rare sight here -- a car with Hawai'i plates. The car was of a slightly foreign-looking shape, a bit like the cars I saw in europe in that it was a bit narrower and much lighter looking. Cool. I swung by the bread place and picked up some French Peasant Bread, which is an excellent choice for inexpensive, tasty hard bread. With some nice jam on it and some tea, my place feels rather civilised. I then spent about 3 hours moving an ancient mediawiki install from one server to a completely modern install on a much more recent server. It was a PITA, partly because of the bloody management interface on the old webserver, and partly because MySQL's user management is poorly implemented. The whole thing should've taken 45 minutes.. if things had gone smoothly. I'm glad it's done though. It's nice to help people out.

On that note, I dug through my apartment for about 45 minutes today to dig out my soldering iron to loan to someone I know. I almost never use the thing, but I'd definitely feel like I'm missing something if I didn't have one. .. I'm thinking about getting joysticks for my TV-PC, and am considering getting some of these adapters to connect my gamecube controllers as joysticks instead. Hmm..

I'm rather disturbed by this. I'm also pleasantly tired from today.


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