Pat Gunn (dachte) wrote,
Pat Gunn

Loved Like a Bus Driver

I've been noticing how a lot of people (on the bus) are very friendly to bus drivers, and how many of them seem to be very happy people, waving at other busses, police cars, etc, and having everyone thank them for the rides they're getting. I wonder what that would be like - to have so many people appreciate one's doings every day. Perhaps part of it is also that they're performing a task that's pretty close to being purely positive -- they make it possible for people to drive less, reducing pollution and increasing efficiency of civilisation. .. I'm not sure they think that way, though. I have seen some pretty intellectual bus drivers, so judged by the books they have with them in their driver area.

The weather has been awesome for the last few days.. rainy, hot (well, warm), dark skies.. it's all very pleasant and puts me in a good mood. I love how I can smell everything more clearly and how comfortable my skin is with reasonably high humidity. I wish it were like this all the time. 2 days ago, when it was raining for a bit, I noticed that the raindrops were very large.. it looked bizarre. The only thing bad about all of this is that the Squirrel Hill sidewalk festival is being rained on. I didn't make it yesterday and don't know if I'll be able to make it today due to a subject coming in.. tomorrow I wanted to check out the farmer's market, but that's every week so I can probably put it off.

Last night I had a dream where I was driving through Brecksville near the old house on Tanager (except that area had been torn down so a few mansionesque houses could replace the old neighbourhood) and for some reason I had to move a second car that was in my care out of the way from the car that I was driving. I did a bad job of it, and my parents were out there in the field area looking very scary, walking towards me. Locking the windows, which I did in a panic, didn't help. It's interesting how that panic response works -- I think in some situations the urge to hide in situations of no physical danger serves the purpose of allowing one to think things out and achieve clarity before dealing with additional complication. It's iconic in American film and book how children retreat to their room, lock (or bar) the door, and a parent bangs on the door demanding they come out of there. I wonder if, for the sake of allowing parent and child to collect themselves, it is better that that door remain a barrier in most situations. I don't know if this is the case.. if I ever have kids, it'll be something to ponder. To the extent that a flight response has overarching attributes that arn't emotion-specific, I wonder if people would only be likely to do that in rooms that have a window, even if the window would not be useful to flee from. When I was living in the house on Tanager, I recall a few times slipping out one of the windows that adjourned a lower part of the roof and going up onto the roof, either to climb down a tree or just sit up there. The design of that house was weird -- the roof I was walking on was for a room that had a bizarrely high ceiling..

This morning, thinking of my old Diamond Rio and it's ability to store only about 30 songs, I wondered what songs I'd pick to put on it. I've been spoiled by my Neuros and its ability to hold my entire music collection.. This of course got me back on the track of what I'd take with me if I had to fit my entire life into a few boxes..

I need to rewrite some parts of my email system -- tweaking it not to respect absurdly long subjects today revealed that the underlying code is rather ugly (I used globals.. a lot) for the oldest bits. I've been thinking of changing the message display look around anyhow, among other things.


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