Pat Gunn (dachte) wrote,
Pat Gunn

Over the Edge of my Ears

I've noticed that, more than with any other type of music I have, choir music benefits a *lot* from good speakers or earphones. I noticed this when playing music (from Die Prinzen) I picked up at the southside today, first at the beehive with my earphones and then using my laptop's built-in speaker when I got home -- the earphones are remarkably better -- the particular song I'm using for comparison, "Mann im Mond" (an incredibly awesome song) loses almost all of its goodness coming out of substandard speakers. This may be at least partly because my earphones (Sony MDR-V150, for the curious) are among the nicer earphones I've ever had. Visiting's website, I can see that I paid about 3 times as much for buying them at Radio Shack, and with a bit more investigation, I've paid a lot more for everything I can think of at Radio Shack than I would've paid online... Meh. They're good earphones -- when they break I'll get the replacement online.

Tags: music

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