Pat Gunn (dachte) wrote,
Pat Gunn

Musical Diversity

I find it absolutely amazing when musicians produce good music from one genre, "reinvent" themselves, and produce good music from a very different genre. The musician I'm thinking of (see if you can guess their name) made bubblegum pop as part of a two-person band, and when they split, began to write Bhangra songs (in Hindi, not Punjabi, for some reason). Crossing genres in the "mixing influences" sense is nothing new, but the old music showed no signs of Bhangra influence. I suspect Bhangra, like many highly distinct/complex styles, seems like it would be very difficult to adapt to.

Thinking of that, it would be interesting to attempt to mix Romani/Klezmer fusion (many of my favourite groups borrow very heavily from that semi-shared musical tradition) and Bhangra into the same song. I'm not sure how one would handle the different philosophies with regards to beat structure - Bhangra music normally has a fixed beat structure with large numbers of voices devoted to holding the beat and playing with it rather than the melody. I'm tempted to call it "tapestry music". Klezmer/Romani music tends to be much more fluid and thin, with non-main voices having much stronger ties to the main voices.


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