Pat Gunn (dachte) wrote,
Pat Gunn

Loved by Vague Concepts, Beloved of Functional Handwaving

Google Calendar loves me. I know this because I just told it "Hat Appointment at 19:00 for 1 hour" in the initial entry field, and it put everything in the right place for all the fine details. I have heard tales of people doing even more daring things, like TXTing google calendar to add new appointments or ask about existing ones. This sounds like spooky high magic to me. It's almost like PDAing without the PDA, which either is the holy grail (because there's no install requirement) or the sucky grail (a lesser known cousin) (because there's no rich interface on phones doing this).

I also discovered why Tortfeaser seems more whiny in this apartment than he was before. He sees ants on the walls and ceilings. Following his eyes, I killed a few more myself. I suppose the upside to an ant-loved apartment is that it gives my cats things to do.


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