Pat Gunn (dachte) wrote,
Pat Gunn

Inspecting an old torch

Recent acquisitions (paired with recent disposals, which I won't list), not all of which have arrived yet:

  • DVD: Naked Lunch
  • DVD: Rocky Horror Picture Show/Shock Treatment set
  • DVD: Nightmare on Elm Street 4
  • DVD: Nightmare on Elm Street
  • DVD: All of Me (replaces VCR copy)
  • DVD: Manos: The Hands of Fate (non-MST3k version)
  • Book: Hard-Boiled Wonderland and the End of the World
  • Book: The Wind-Up Bird Chronicle
  • Book: Dual-language study version of Also Sprach Zarathustra
  • 5-Book Set: Collected Writings of Mao Tse-Tung (used and old, from Caliban book store)
I will be attempting to get rid of a mass of books, videocasettes, and the like soon.

Back to the topic of BLOG design, I think I'll have the server software post to LJ. I don't see people using pndc without POUND, and a clean separation means reimplementing things the hard way that are already well-solved in the database. I can probably even cache the queries needed to reference a LJ entry so updates can be done. I might need to re-plumb POUND a bit for this, but this is one of the things I've learned over the years in software development -- the more times I refactor something, the better, generally, it gets.

Today I ate, thanks to some mild prodding by Kavita, at a restaurant called Crepes Parisiennes. It was quite good, and I can see myself eating there fairly often in the future. I had a spinach/cheese Crepe with Bechamel sauce, which was wonderful. They had some dessert Crepes too, but I wasn't hungry enough for more than I had, despite the appeal of some of the other things on the menu. Kavita talked about how, as an Indian, she has had problems dealing with the economic forms of racism everywhere else in the world (even India) but here, and how this forms the basis of why she likes America. As much as I dislike bringing down about things they're enthusiastic about, I had to mention that the tolerance she sees is mostly a feature of large cities, and this freedom from racism is only relative. I suspect we'll talk about the race and gender glass ceilings more in the future -- my perspective is that the current state of things needs a lot of improvement, given the things I've seen and conversations I've been part of as a southern white male from a priviliged family over the years. It's hard to really notice exactly how things work from the outside - I believe privilege has not faded to trace levels throughout much of America, and that uprooting these networks would be a major undertaking that America is probably not prepared to undertake because it does not have enough class-traitors. Hopefully enough will come in the years to come. It is amusing how the sense of entitlement to wealth and privilege mirrors the sense of entitlement of some of the destitute -- it's very human, taking root in whatever soil is offered. I do get a chuckle out of those who complain of oppression and own a SUV though. Those taxes are *so* unjust..

Speaking of which, I saw a rather funny sticker on a trashcan in Oakland. "Join the Army! It's just like the Xbox - only you die". That'd make a good poster the next time I go to an anti-recruitment protest... although generally I think for protests in the future I'll bring my accordion and play the Internationale.


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