Pat Gunn (dachte) wrote,
Pat Gunn

Nox de Terra

Tonight, after redoing the networking for my section of Baker Hall, I had an adventure. As really good adventures often do (for me), it started with cloud watching for awhile while I was waiting for my bus. The clouds were fantastic. Then, as I was getting up to hop on a bus that showed up, I found someone's phone, and a few phone calls later hiked off into Oakland to deliver it. This reminded me of some places I haven't been for a few years.. It might not've been the best way to adventure, carrying two heavy sacks of books I got at the antique bookstore today, but I amused myself to think that this is nature's way of punishing me for crass materialism in buying stuff (even if what I bought was a set of writings by Mao). I figure so long as it's a joke I tell myself, fancifully anthropomising the universe is harmless. What could be more human?


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