Pat Gunn (dachte) wrote,
Pat Gunn

Goiter Festival

Today was another food adventure, this time to a Peruvian restaurant with Kavita while discussing some web stuff she'd like me to do. There isn't much Peruvian food that I am likely to eat (a lot of casseroles and other foods that I generally dislike), but they had a wonderful Mango cream soup. This was in Shadyside above their Pamela's.

Later, I went with Eric to a local hatter who works out of his home. The guy seemed cool, lived a lot of his time in the states west of Texas (mentioning some Jewish-cowboy connections), and he had a neat painting of the Lubavitcher Rebbe on his wall. After trying a large number of hats on me, he found that my head is simply too large for anything he had, but after taking some measurements, and finding two styles I like, he's going to order some (one black, one light-grey). Hopefully I'll have two hats in a few weeks. Hurrah! I'll need to figure out if I want to dig into the archaic and sexist hat conventions or not, and if so to what extent. I might learn to tip my hat as a greeting, but I think I'll skip the bits specific to women, ignore the flag/anthem bit (patriotism is a character flaw), and possibly ignore the funeral procession bit. I'll probably take my hat off indoors.. Meh. I'm not much for tradition. Unless a tradition or element of manners either intuitively makes sense or is ingrained enough into me that it'd be hard to change, I'm more likely than not to intentionally discard it.

After I got home, I watched Yogen/Premonition, which was pretty creepy and scary. I like Japanese horror -- the genre is generally more intellectual than American horror, or at least the subset I've seen. One thing I like is how darkness is not considered as intrinsically scary. Another is that females (and males) generally have the ability to run more than 10 feet without stumbling.


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