Pat Gunn (dachte) wrote,
Pat Gunn

Cow Guru

Attention Columbus people,

I will be in town starting late tonight (around 23:30) until Sunday evening, courtesy of Greyhound. I will be hopefully going to Outland somehow on Saturday, and also hopefully going to India Garden. I will also be carless, so unless rides appear, I will likely be mostly walking around the campus area. Give me a call on my cell at 412.480.3321 if you want to hang out. I am fairly sure I'll be hanging out with my Dubin, Dawon, and my sisters -- anyone else should let me know if they want to meet up. Yay cowtown. Now I just need to figure out what busses to take to get to Pittsburgh's Greyhound station. :)

UPDATE: Wellll damn. Maybe some other weekend. I made it to the station (CHECK!), and getting the ticket (CHECK!), and being utterly nauseated at the combination of Fox News *shudder* and the mix of disgustingly obese people and people who haven't learned even a bit of common manners (CHECK!), and after all that, the bus is announced to be many hours late... so I wouldn't get to hang out with my sisters at all.. and some other hangings out look kinda sparse. So.. I decided, with heavy heart, to stay in town for the weekend. The ticket people were kind enough to give me a full refund, and I got some kind of interesting photos of the area between the greyhound bus station and the Duquesne city bus stop that I'll put up some time. Some other weekend, indeed.


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