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Banned from Interzone


  • Sitting at the next table over from me at India Garden was a group of anarchists talking politics, very visibly marked by their T-shirts. I considered joining in, but alas, I am shy
  • I am worried that I'm not getting enough physical activity.. I need to get running shoes. This is perhaps a good activity to do with this unexpectedly empty weekend
  • I want to go back with my digital camera to take pictures of an unnamed and mostly empty area of the city -- the area by the riverbank on the north shore across from the southside. There are some spooky-looking closed roads and barred-up tunnels going into the ground that may lead to adventure
  • The Dr Demento online archives put online one of their shows that has a song (Spike Jones Jr's "A Song With A Peel") that I've been looking for for a long time. Download, extract, encode, happy. I sadly did have to break my ethical code and pay $2 for the "stream", but on the upside the stream was not "meant" to be downloaded, so I don't need to feel too bad. For a song that was last released in physical media on a record in the 60s, I'm lucky to have it in any form
  • One piece of Java software I occasionally run often gets confused and forgets how to get keyboard input (although pasting text works fine). It runs fine inside of VNC. This is very odd.
  • Agh! Fox news! The Horrors!
  • It is a great joy to wait until my cat is almost sleeping behind my laptop screen, and reach around and poke her. She often jumps straight up in a way that fills my cruel, cruel heart with joy.. and then I pet her so it's alright.
  • I've read enough Mao to know that he's a great person. I don't hold his values exactly, but his early achievements were incredibly impressive, I am convinced that he was genius, and there is a fairly large value overlap.
  • The Israeli-Hezbollah-Lebanon conflict has hit mainstream news (finally) in the United States. If I were worried about peaceful coexistence with Sharia factions, I would be concerned that dismantling the part of Lebanon that's under Hezbollah control will destablise the nation, but when it comes to theocracy of any kind, I'm rather hawkish. Fatah, for all it was, was secular. With Hamas and Hezbollah, their being on opposite sides of the great divide in Islam irrelevant here, I believe cooperation in any form to be against the goals of civilisation, and would like to see execution of every member of those political movements. Theocrats of any kind, Christian, Muslim, whatever, merit the same fate. I am greatly irritated at my company on this stance, especially the conservative folk who have no understanding of the trail of blood spilt for money that America inherited from European imperialism and made worse. The state of Iran and much of the rest of the region (and many of the ills of the world) is the fault of the most advanced countries in the world. Teaching honest history would practically be a treasonous act in the Western world... or anywhere, really.
  • I'm pretty tired
  • The comments here make me really irritated. At least part of it is that the mere mention of Gentoo still irritates me a bit after all this time, but it's really more other things in the discussion
  • Neat
  • Zzzz

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