Pat Gunn (dachte) wrote,
Pat Gunn

Hotel Heim

Passing two groups of frum kids in Squirrel Hill who asked me if I was Jewish, there was a part of me that wanted to say "Yes". The latter group gave me some Latkes anyhow, and it turns out that I know a number of people in common with them. There are occasionally times where it would feel nice to belong somewhere. Given my beliefs and perspectives, I doubt I'll ever find that, and maybe to do so would comprimise me. Looking at history, for example, I've come to understand that many criticisms of Communist states are based on misinformation, fail to compare to abuses of the day (and today) by existing capitalist states, or are intentionally hostile-as-possible. However, I am still free to notice where serious, ugly problems came about that resulted in disaster. I hope (but am not sure) that being part of a larger group or society would not blind me to the possibility for the latter, but I can do no more than hope and honestly have to say that standing mostly alone here helps me keep a certain clarity. Almost noone I know has the stomach to look at the world clearly, probably because of these attachments. Still.. there are times such attachments might be nice, emotionally.

Sometimes I wonder if my perspective has anything to do with moving around as a child. Perhaps I'm a Campbellian wanderer..


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