Pat Gunn (dachte) wrote,
Pat Gunn

Crepe Crepe Revolution

Yesterday for dinner I couldn't decide where to go -- everyplace felt old and uninteresting. Eventually I came across Turquoise, which is a local Turkish shop, and grabbed some take-out from there. Baklava seems to be one of those things that, despite being oversweet, I really like. As some of you who know me in person know, I call it J.S., as part of a bad pun (J.S. Bachlava). Turquoise has a pretty neat selection of food, and it also feels delightfully foreign, with an ambiance much like some Turkish shops I went to in Europe, "learn English" and "learn Turkish" signs competing with each other on the wall, and a storekeeper speaking rapidly in Turkish to another customer. Still, I'm having wanderlust again.. although it's not exactly wanderlust, more like "move-lust", as in more thoughts that I should leave Pittsburgh for someplace new. I think in about a year or so I likely will do that.

Today for lunch, I returned to the wonderful Crepes place on Craig. Their dessert crepes arn't as good as their lunch crepes, although perhaps that rating is because I don't tend to like desserts very much anymore. The subtleties of flavour in meal-type food is more interesting than the "W@u!! SW33Tz0R!" appeal of candy.. that, and I don't want to turn into one of the increasingly frequent fat/disgusting/nauseating people I see around town. Returning to the Crepes topic, the Spinach-cheese (meal) crepe is wonderful.

Mmm.. food.


  • Goodbye gathering for three coworkers in my group who are all leaving at the same time (one to law school, one returning to China, and one following his gf to another university)
  • Indian festival on Sunday at Flagstaff Hill, with much food and showing of Gandhi
  • Possibly climbing, if I have the time
  • Thursday after the coming one: Leave for Wikimania in Boston. Hooplah!
  • Recieve hats. Huzzah!

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