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Failure to Identify with Self

I just wrote the first bit of glue between POUND and Livejournal (or, to be more precise, between LJ::Simple and POUND). The LJ::Simple module .. leaves a lot to be desired -- it's not as object-oriented as it should be, feeling a lot more like some of the more bizarre C interfaces I've seen (e.g. pass in a reference to something, and have the function return another reference to it for you, like a proud dog with a dead squirrel) than anything native to Perl. The interface is, at least, fairly powerful -- apart from some deficiencies that are likely part of the Livejournal interface (finding ids of old entries to update them is likely a lossy process), it does about anything I might imagine. Importing old entries involves setting a flag that, according to the documentation, won't flood everyone's friends list, so in theory I could import every single entry I've ever posted in POUND, having a full mirror on LJ.. I probably won't though. There's still a lot more glue to write -- this is somewhat richer than the "wrapper that decides how errors should be handled" but not quite the "glued into the guts of POUND" layer yet. I still need to write another markup discipline that will format my wikicode into as rich a HTML representation that Livejournal allows, and find the right place to glue this code in, but it's still enough that I'll be able to test the code and see if it works properly.

"A Scanner Darkly" finally came to Pittsburgh. It is a high priority for me to see this.

I am thinking of having a medium-sized gathering at my place sometime, where we do a mix of watch really bad movies and play board games/similar. It may need to wait awhile to come to fruition, but I am thinking:

  • Manos:The Hands of Fate (I have the non-MST3k version on DVD)
  • Find the Lady (with John Candy)
  • Meteor Man
Although I'm generally a bit .. worried when friends from different social groups end up meeting, especially as it goes against #4 of Geek Social Fallacies, it generally has worked out well every time I've tried it. Apart from some obvious mismatches, I should try this a little more often, I think. Some of my friendships are (intentionally or not) low-volume friendships, and that's ok with me, but it's nice when I can introduce people that become (low or high-volume) friends in turn. Anyhow, it'd be great to have really bad movies as a background entertainment with alternative entertainment also available to avoid it simply being simply irritating. Part of me suggests that I wait until late August or September, and make it Ceilidh II.

I am now off to try to catch the film...

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