Pat Gunn (dachte) wrote,
Pat Gunn

Dragon Podiatrist

I recently stumbled across this, a website distributing an album of hip-hop mixed over music from Chrono Trigger (a rather awesome SNES video game). My favourite song is "1,2 Step", which is a mix of Missy Elliot's Ciara (which I have never heard) with the trial music from the game. Although according to the site's notes, the overexcited DJ is meant as a parody, in my experience it's not far off -- IMO DJs should be limited to selecting music -- I never want to hear their voice (even spoken in silence between tracks) unless I'm heading over to where they are and actually asking what's playing. I was slightly disappointed that they didn't cover my favourite song from the game (the closing song, "To Far Away Times"), but it is amusing and perhaps listenable in a geeky-but-hip crowd. I suppose I always tend to view geeky-but-hip not as a genre approachable directly, rather what happens when one was really geeky earlier in life and became less so later. People who were always hip, trying to approach it from the other side, arn't quite the same (at least partly because there was a lot more content that geeks tend to share growing up, from books to films, than anyone could reasonably collect later in life). I sometimes even wonder if geek as separate from cool-in-a-sense exists anymore, as social groups shift around. If we dig back into times far before mine, we find social groups like dandies and flappers that don't exist anymore (even if we might try to find counterparts for then in modern society, these ties are superficial). Were I to have closer connections with the 14-20 year old crowd, or were I a sociologist, I supose I'd have the answer -- as-is I'm just steadily marching away from my childhood with the ability to know these things ever diminishing as I grow less likely to socialise with people in that age. I guess if I ever have kids, I might be able to learn through them -- perhaps they might even be interested in this kind of abstract wondering.

The Indian fest didn't happen today, as far as I know, because of severe weather. This is a bit disappointing, but I instead had a nice, relaxing day indoors. Some washing of dishes occurred, some cleaning, a good amount of napping, but I mostly spent it thinking/reflecting. A few people have confided in me recently some problems or issues.. it's interesting how these relate, and lead to different paths so far.

I am irritated that my dreams are reminding me of my desire for a specific something of which pursuit would violate my ethical framework.

If I were in Columbus tonight, today would include a trip to Hounddog's Pizza. Sadly, there is no place like that around here. I think I'm living in the past a bit too much.


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