Pat Gunn (dachte) wrote,
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Prestigeous Pieces of Chalk

Today (well.. yesterday) was a grab-bag of events. My sleep schedule was messed up by sleeping all sunday afternoon and waking up around 3am (look! I've done it again...). The going-away lunch for coworkers was kind of sad. I'm not a very social person, and it takes me a decent amount of time to warm up to people, but I think I'll really miss the coworkers who are leaving. Our research group is going to feel much smaller.. At the going away lunch and afterwards I spent a lot of time playing with the toddler of a co-worker from Germany (adorable kid!). Walking him back to the office after parking the car meant occasionally swinging him through the air when he liked, and him alternatively wanting to have his hand held, grabbing my leg, and being carried. I love kids... I hope that I have one someday soon.

By the time of the MRI meeting, the sleep schedule was catching up to me, and by the time I was starting to head home afterwards, the giant burger (the brewery had very little veggie stuff) I ate led to a feeling that I had ingested drain-o. I can handle occasional chicken, and occasionally ethiopean-cooked spicy beef in small quantities, but eating meat this infrequently means that I can't handle a giant hamburger :)

I am standing for election on the Wikimedia Board. I'm always a bit nervous about this kind of thing, given the other people running. I'm not naturally inclined towards high-profile positions, but given what I read about the duties and read from the minutes of the open and summaries of the standard meetings, I believe I'd be useful in the position. My intuition is that if only one seat is available, Linuxbeak will fill it, but perhaps there will either be more seats or things will surprise me.

I am starting to pack for Wikimania. I hope my cats won't be too lonely while I'm gone. I probably should ask someone to check in on them and put out new food/water once or twice while I'm gone. Fortunately for work, the scanner is actually unavailable for my uses this coming saturday (when I'll be out of town anyway), the saturday afterwards (partial week, no time to recruit a subject a subject anyhow), and the saturday after that (kind of inconvenient, actually). I might take this opportunity, if I'm not tired of travel, to visit Columbus the weekend after the coming one, and Cleveland the weekend after that to visit some family. Columbusers, although it's very hypothetical at this point, would the weekend of the 11th-13th be an ok time to visit? I'll need to ask my mom about the 18th-20th when day finishes arriving...

I've a friend who recently had 2 of their three sources of financial support dissolve, leaving him a bit shy of making ends meet. This really sucks -- I hope things come through for him. I might see what'd be involved at getting him a job at CMU..

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